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Vegan Iceland Foods Expands

Vegan Iceland Food Expands – UK frozen supermarket chain Iceland has announced it will be creating a vegan isle and increase products by an additional number of items.

They introduced the “no bull” burger made from soya protein back in April as there first step toward their own-brand plant-based vegan-friendly range. They have been a huge success says the company’s head of development Neil Nugent.

There are more plant-based eaters than ever in the UK which will cater for both vegans and those who are adopting a ‘flexitarian’ lifestyle or trying veganism for veganuary.

Exciting are the more options available for vegan BBQ, or vegetarian BBQ 

Vegan Iceland Foods


Iceland is offering a convenient, and reasonable prices range to help people to incorporate plant-based eating and transition to a meat-free lifestyle.

‘No Bull’ Meat Balls

‘No Bull’ Mince

‘No Bull’ Jalepeño Burgers

‘No Bull’ Sausages

‘No Bull’ Chili and Rice

‘No Chick’ Crispy Fillets

‘No Chick’ Chunks

‘No Chick’ and ‘No Porkies’ Paella

Asian Burgers

Tofu Vegetable Burgers

Green Vegetable Balls

The new extensive plantbased range will hit the shelves in 3rd September 2018.

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Passionate about feeding my body a plant-based vegan food to benefit my health, save the planet and protect animals.

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