Getting Started with a PlantBased Diet

Sounds tacky but you have made the first step by finding out more information because information is knowledge. Know why you are making the change and what will be your first steps to success. Here are the first things I asked myself.

  • Why am I making this change?
  • Am I going cold turkey or in small steps?
  • How to make favourite meals healthier?
  • Create a list of what your achievements will be?

Why am I making this change?

People all have different reasons to make this change. Whether its health, Environment or Animal welfare they are all great reasons. 

Am I going cold turkey or in small steps?

Cold turkey can be very difficult for a number of reasons. It requires a lot of planning so you know what you will be eating and where you can purchase the ingredients. You dont need to do everything all at once!

There are a few other options in making the changes.

  • Change for a few days a week
  • Reduce meat 
  • Remove Dairy
  • Use replacement products
  • General Reduction in animal products
  • Increase vegetables and fruits like smoothies
  • One day a week eat whatever you want

One thing I will say  you will be surprised how much time it takes to read labels as animal products are in so many. Here are list of hidden non vegan ingredients

How to make favourite meals healthier?

Think bolognese made with soy replacement mince or made with lentils and vegetables with courgette spagetti. 

Create a list of achievements

Know what you will see as successful. Think small steps as well as long term and make sure they are achievable.

Could be reducing drugs for an existing condition

How did our plantbased journey start?

My husband and myself were feeling under the weather and I suggested we watch a film on netflix called fat sick and nearly dead. As that finished we were in the car on the way to buy a nutribullet and every fruit and vegetable in the local supermarket. My husband actually suggested we did a week of just smoothies. I was shocked to hear it but was happy to go along with him.

At the end of the first week he suggested we continue for another week as he was feeling so well and alive for the first time in years. He had gone through detox headaches and huge cravings but came out the other side. During this time we discussed why not try being vegan for a month once we finished our smoothie few weeks. 

Vegan wasn’t easy as it was a huge learning curve as we had no idea how many products contained animal products. Another problem was knowing what we could make quickly e.g fast food. At this time there wasn’t even a lot of products available in the supermarket so we had to plan.

We also decided that we could eat anything Fridays or if we were going out with friends because we weren’t going to lose friendships over the way we were choosing to eat. Very few restaurants accommodated veganism at that time so we had to work around life.