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Hi Everyone

Well about me… Where do I start?

I dont want to bore you all but want you to understand why I changed to a plantbased diet.

In brief I have been sick most of my life but came to accept it as the norm. I assumed everyone felt as ill as me and in as much pain after eating food. It had started when i was at school and I was now nearly 35.

One chance meeting with a consultant in Toulouse, France started to make me think. 

Sitting in with a Gastroenterologist consultant in France after not eating for months and losing so much weight. I had been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis (inflammtory Bowel Disease IBD). He was giving me the option to remove my bowel or carry on in pain and unable to eat or worse still emergency surgery after a rupture. I begged him to give me any ideas on how I could try and help myself I just wasnt ready for such life changing surgery.

I was taking a number of tablets daily but only drinking a glass of milk to take them as I remember my mum always saying “line your stomach” before taking tablets. The one thing I loved most was drinking ice cold milk so I jokingly said I can do anything but give up dairy! 

I remember looking at him and we both had the same thought. Maybe dairy was making me worse. He suggested I try rice milk and these high calorie fruit jellies and come back the following week if he didnt see me sooner in surgery.

Finding rice milk in rural France wasn’t easy but eventually found some in an organic shop a 45mins away. So the journey started…

Can what we eat and drink really affect our health? Can it be central to many diseases? That is when I started reading more and more about nutrition and decided to start training a nutritional therapist.

March 2017 new challenges as I got cramp in my legs, my foot dropped and I lose the ability to walk…

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