Healthy Eating & Nutrition Course

Nutrition is a fundamental for you and your families good health, and understanding its importance and significance enables your to provide the best quality lifestyle changes.

You will be delighted with the results you will be able to achieve with your added knowledge will give you the confidence to make the positive changes you deserve.

Subjects you will cover in this course

The Digestive System
The Process of Digestion and Absorption
Interrelationships with other Body Systems
The Chemical Actions in the Digestive Process
Nutrients and the Bio-chemistry of Digestion
Sugar – The Hidden Menace in Everyday Foods
Fats and Lipids
Protein and Fibre

Anti-oxidants and Gluten Water Effects of Hydration Dairy Intolerance Nut Allergy Vegetarian and Vegan Dietary Requirements Anti-Nutrients Dietary and Nutritional Value of Food Diseases of the Digestive System Obesity Diet and Pain Management Food Diary sheet with working tips

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