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Mistletoe Therapy

Mistletoe Therapy

Mistletoe has been used for centuries in traditional medicine and  folk medicine.


What is Mistletoe?

Mistletoe is most known as a Christmas tradition and getting to kiss someone under it but it could potentially offer so much more.

Mistletoe is a evergreen shrub which is semi-parasitic  which means it needs another plant (its host) on supplying its water and some nutrients. 

Mistletoe (Viscum album /Viscum L. / Viscum album L) belongs to the family of Viscaceae / Santalales/ Santalaceae /Loranthaceae.

Currently most popular species are mistletoe parasitising fir, maple, almond, birch, hawthorn, ash, apple, pine, poplar, oak, willow, lime and elm

Mistletoe Therapy

In 1920 Rudolf Steiner introduce Viscum album L. as a cancer treatment as part of his anthroposophical medicine a form of alternative medicine.

Mistletoe as Alternative Treatment

Mistletoe Therapy Research

Intravenous Mistletoe Treatment in Integrative Cancer Care

Mistletoe and Immunomodulation: Insights and Implications for Anticancer Therapies

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Mistletoe (Viscum album) preparations: an optional drug for cancer patients?

Mistletoe-Extract Drugs Stimulate Anti-Cancer

Mistletoe therapy in oncology

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Alternative Treatment Breast Cancer

Evaluation of an Expert Guided Integrative Therapy Concept in Patients With Breast or Gynecological Cancer During Systemic Therapy

Mistletoe: Neurological Disorders & Alzheimer’s disease

Therapeutic potential of mistletoe in CNS-related neurological disorders and the chemical composition of Viscum species

Therapeutic potential of mistletoe in CNS-related neurological disorders and the chemical composition of Viscum species


Sedative, antiepileptic and antipsychotic effects of Viscum album L. (Loranthaceae) in mice and rats

Cancer and Fatigue

Influence of Viscum album L (European mistletoe) extracts on quality of life in cancer patients: a systematic review of controlled clinical studies

Clinical Trials Using Mistletoe

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