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Meditation for beginners

Meditation for beginners is aimed to make you see how you can meditate anywhere and you can start quickly without worrying about too many details. Meditation used to gain awareness of the mind, help relax and refocus your life.

Want to start meditating?

Want to meditate? But don’t know where to start. Do you just sit there? Can I play music? Is the “om” thing really necessary?  Let’s keep this simple so you can give it a try.

Starting Meditation

First sit comfortably this can be on the floor crossed legged or sitting on a chair or your bed works just as well. Indoors or out is irrelevant it’s about where you can be most relaxed and can have peace. There is no right or wrong way the main aim is for comfort so you can be relaxed.
When you have found a comfortable seated position for your meditation you need to choose a hand position or make it simple by choosing if you prefer your hands together or apart to be the most comfortable? You can simply place your hands between your knees lightly rest them in your lap palms upwards or rest on them on your knees.

Mudras / Chakra meditation hand positions

Hand positions help maintain your posture and focus and these are a few you have most likely seen when thinking of yoga and meditation.
Gian Mudra – Thumb and index finger touching believed  generate knowledge, wisdom, receptivity and calmness
Prayer Mudra – Palms of hands together used to center and balance your body and energy.
Venus Hands – Clasped interlocked fingers for love and sexuality. A woman should have their right little finger on the bottom. For a man, the left little finger should be on the bottom.
Buddhi Mudra – Thumb and little finger touching used to generate and strengthen powers of communication.

Meditation Breathing

Close your eyes and keep them closed while focusing on a point like the top of your head, belly button or tip of your nose.
Breathing is key to meditation and using this simple meditation breathing technique can calm you and bring clarity.
Inhale and exhale deeply through your nose
Inhale and exhale deeply through your mouth
Inhale deeply and  your nose and exhale through your mouth
Inhale deeply and  your mouth and exhale through your nose
Repeat this for 3 minutes at first then build up for longer periods.
Really focus on making each breath long and deep expanding the belly and chest.

Learn more meditation

If you want to move on further think about a meditation app like  Mindfulness or Simply Being.  These are great for beginners as they offer you a soothing voice that walks you through what you’re supposed to do with clear instructions and a bell that chimes every minute.

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