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Glyphosate or Wheat Gluten Causing Gut Issues

Glyphosate – commonly known as Roundup (Monsanto / Bayer) a widely used herbicide (weedkiller). Sprayed on crops shortly before harvest to desiccate (dry out) the crops so making it easier to harvest.

Pre-harvest use of glyphosate allows farmers to harvest crops as much as two weeks earlier and makes the likelihood of finding residues herbicide in food higher.

Glyphosate Health Concerns

Health concerns of glyphosate as an endocrine disruptor and that it kills beneficial gut bacteria, damages the DNA in human embryonic.

The World Health Organisation’s, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, classified Glyphosate as a probable carcinogen.

Still no direct link between glyphosate and celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity

Glyphosate Research

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