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Nutrition & how it can effect your Epigenome

DNA is our recipe to build our bodies but there are other things involved. Our DNA is wrapped in a network of epigenomes around a proteins called Histone. These shape the physical structure and wraps them tightly so they become unreadable. Relaxes active genes making them easier to read

DNA is fixed for life but the epigenome is flexible and is affected and reacts to outside influences like nutrition, environment and physical stresses.

The epigenomes modify the genome without altering the DNA  but determining which genes are active in certain cells. These compounds bind to the DNA to activate or deactivate genes so altering the way that it behaves.

Great Video – The Epigenome at a Glance via University of Utah


Epigenetics is the study of Epigenome chemical reactions and the factors that influence them. From things that you eat, where you live and your environment,  sleep patterns and exercise to name a few. These influences eventually cause chemical modifications of the genes which will turn some genes on or off over time.

Fantastic article – A Super Brief and Basic Explanation of Epigenetics for Total Beginners

Where they explain in simple terms how DNA should be seen as the script in the film but epigenetics is the director enabling to eliminate or tweak certain scenes so altering the movie for better or worse.


Emerging Field of Nutrigenomics –  where nutritionists take a look at your methylation pattern and design a personalised nutrition plan.

The Coming of Age of Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics


Different combinations of genes and life influences make each one of us unique but we can alter and change for better or worse.

Article – Nutrition & the Epigenome key components of methyl-making pathway

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