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Coffee: Why soya milk Curdles?

Why soya milk curdles in coffee? This a constant vegan / plantbased question that coffee drinkers always ask.

If you have ever poured cold soya milk into a steaming cup of coffee you will know the results a curdling looking coffee which is very off-putting. Even more annoying it doesn’t always happen. 

The acidity in black coffee is higher than the acidity in soy milk. Proteins in soy milk react to the acidity of the coffee, causing curdling.

How to prevent soya milk curdling in Coffee

Simple rule never put milk in the coffee when it is boiling hot.

We find the best way to prevent curdling is to warm the milk slowly by pouring it into the cup first, then gradually add the coffee and hot water.

Coffee Tips: 

Interesting information from my research. Avoid using naturally acidic like many African coffees, so you would do better aiming for a Brazilian or Colombian

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