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Gene Expression

Gene expression is modifiable – changes constantly as a result of nutrition and environment.

Epigenome interacts with DNA to change how some genes are expressed – This is done by changing the chemical environment that the gene is in from food, environment
Genetic expression is changed by epigenetic tags such as methyl tags. These tags allow you to activate or suppress expressions in genes.

Free Radicals

A big cause of faulty Methylation is damage by Free radicals or oxidants. These are molecules constantly being created in our bodies and environment from poor diet, pollution, smoking, sunlight and toxins.
Our bodies create antioxidants to combat and neutralise them.
Antioxidants are also in our food in the form of vitamin A, C and E


Imbalance in our oxidants exposure (cell damage) and antioxidant supply (cell protection) can disrupt Methylation process which is believed to cause cancer.

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